Finding this all very entertaining, Sherlock grabbed the chair and turned it away from the telly.  Once it was facing John, who had looked up in alarm, Sherlock grabbed a pen and paper and sat down.  “And what is it like living with the most brilliant man in the world?” Sherlock inquired jestingly.

John laughed before relaxing back into the sofa.  “It’s practically a full-time job.  I live with a genius who acts like a three-year-old.  His brilliant deductions are followed with socially ignorant comments.  Our refrigerator is constantly filled with body parts, and his experiments normally clutter the house.”  Sherlock scowled as he heard this.  “However,” John finally added, “I have never had so much fun in my entire life.  Every day, I wake up and don’t know what is going to happen before the sun sets.”

Eyes sparkling from the praise, Sherlock tried to keep himself from smiling only to fail. 

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