so i’ve seen a lot of people hating on johnlock shippers, and being friends with both johnlock shippers and people who don’t ship it, (and shipping it myself) i often see both sides of the fence and want to offer up a few tips

i’m pretty much 100% sure i’ve accidently done some of these too, and people new to the fandom, you will mess up! getting into a new fandom pretty much guarantees stepping on some toes. but these are just a few ideas of mine to help you have an enjoyable experience and make friends, not enemies (unless you want enemies then go ahead heh)

~tips on how to be a johnlock shipper and not having people hate you~

  • don’t make everything about johnlock. i am NOT telling you to not have fun! i have tons of wonderful johnlock fun! but if you see a sherlock joke post, or even just a text post, and your johnlock senses are tingling, think to yourself ‘will what i’m about to add annoy the OP?’ (original poster) ‘will it upset other shippers/people who don’t ship it at all?’ i mean you can disregard me on this if you really want to, but i’m just trying to help people not get angry at you, and this is one of the most common ways i see!
  • if you see art of another ship (with either sherlock or john included, but not both), please don’t add ‘what if sherlock finds out?!’ or ‘don’t let john know!’ or something similar along those lines. it’s obnoxious and rude and implies other ships don’t matter
  • which brings me to this: other ships matter! even if you don’t ship them! sherstrade is many peoples OTP. so is johncroft! i don’t care if you don’t ship it, don’t be a brat about it just because it isn’t as popular as johnlock! be respectful. other shippers don’t get as much content as johnlock shippers do, so having johnlock shippers elbow their ways in and take over their content too is unfair to the max.
  • bbc sherlock =/= johnlock. the whole program is not johnlock. johnlock is a wonderful ship, but it is not the only good thing to come from the program. it’s a good thing sometimes to take a step back and take off your johnlock glasses and look at sherlock without them. platonic johnlock is a good thing, too.
  • the actors are not their characters! tagging a picture of john and sherlock having sex with ‘martin freeman’ is really awful to people who track the martin freeman tag. yeah they’re brilliant at their roles but learning to tell the difference is important and respectful!
  • johnlock is not canon! i know it seems like it is with the amount of joke references we get to it. (see also: queerbaiting) but it isn’t! that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have potential to be canon, i am not saying it isn’t possible - but it hasn’t been deemed canon therefore it isn’t. it’s as simple as that!
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST: OF COURSE YOU CAN IGNORE ALL OF THIS! please don’t attack me for telling you what to do. i am offering advice to help people. take it or leave it. but if you’ve had people angry at you before for your ways of shipping johnlock, perhaps these reasons are why. i’m one of those gross people that wants as much happiness throughout the sherlock fandom as possible, and it starts with respect.

TL;DR: it is possible to ship johnlock and not be rude and obnoxious if you stop forcing your ship onto other people, and acting like it’s the most important thing to come out of sherlock!!!!

now go forth and have lots of fun and enjoy your ship! 


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    This post can also apply to 00Q shippers or to (all) shippers in general.
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